Before You Go Ketogenic Stop And Read!!

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Ketogenic diet has been widely embraced by weight watchers considering the number of reviews from different online platforms. But if you’re reading this piece and still don’t know what Ketogenic diet means, I would spare a few paragraphs elucidating you on what it entails.

The Ketogenic diet is a low-carbs, high-fat, and protein diet. This involves reducing to the barest minimum intake of carbs while substituting it with fat. It is however regarded as ketosis (medical term) which is the process of putting the body in a metabolic state.

Most body cells would rather use blood sugar, which is generated from carbohydrate to maintain energy level in the body. However, in the absence of blood sugar from carbohydrate and other source, the body starts to breakdown reserved fat into molecules known as ketone bodies. In essence, majority of the cells in the body will make use of the ketone bodies as source of energy till we start consuming carbohydrate again.

Weight loss happens to be the primary reason most people subscribe to the ketogenic diet. Although, there are other health benefits of ketogenic diet which includes, improved blood sugar control and balanced cholesterol level.

There has been various debates from nutritionist, nurses, weight-watchers, dietitians and doctors if ketogenic diet is healthy. Some have also argued with the dietary advice of one-size-fits-all (if you want to watch your weight, go for Ketogenic diet). Researchers have expressed concerns based on their findings that the low-carb, high-fat diet as helpful to man is problematic.

The bold question lingers, is ketogenic diet healthy?

The general public are already keeping up on this tab without proper research or consulting their primary care physician. Adequate or substantial studies has not been carried out to validate all the claims thus far. Ketogenic diet is rich in fats and proteins which includes, eggs, meat, cheese, sausage, fish, nuts, butter, and oil. Red meat, fatty and processed meat are well known unhealthy food. Consuming these foods in large quantities poses health dangers.

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Ketogenic Diet

People living with diabetes need to consider the risk factor of consuming large quantities of egg and cheese which significantly increase the risk of heart disease. Also, patients with kidney issues need to be careful with ketogenic diet as it could intensify their condition.

Kindly share this article as it would help folks who already placed their dietary lifestyle based on people who had success with ketogenic diet. Because it is good for them doesn’t mean it is good for you.

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