Consequences Of A Cloned President Buhari Defying Dispute

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The widespread rumors of cloned President Buhari made headlines both local and international. However, president Buhari has denied the rumors that no one replaced him.

Credibility is the hallmark of any worthwhile human-piloted venture. Organizations and businesses easily suffocate, careening toward extinction when this oxygen is missing. This is true, too for any government formed to guide her people to the promised land with no machinations.

Questions of credibility flood the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, at the moment, ones which seek to unravel its core. Opinions about whether the man in Aso Rock is really same President Buhari who took oath of office in 2015 or not have been aired and the subject-matter gaining momentum in the media each passing day. Tagging the matter as risible by agents of the presidency has done little to allay growing fears in the polity of being led by an impostor.

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Do we have a President Buhari?  If these suspicions turn out to be true and indisputable, what would follow wouldn’t be too far from cataclysmic. In taking a break from either arguing for or against and envisaging what could be lies this article’s kernel. As ludicrous as suggestions of President Buhari being a”double” who is allegedly Jubril Al-Sudani from Sudan sounds, Nigerians must put their comic talents aside, perceive the acuteness of this case and aftermath if it emerges true eventually. First, a revolution could follow due to total loss in trust of government.

Realization by the people that they have been beguiled by those at power’s corridors and unknowingly allowed a stranger to lead them for more than a year could trigger a desire to bloodily bulldoze the current leadership. That is, we may see a repeat of the French and American Revolutions which sufficiently sanitized their inequitable governmental systems. This becomes likelier, because of the hardship parasitizing so many.Unemployment continues to increase, ASUU is on strike, inflation is creeping in, casualties of insecurity soar, to mention a few.

Second, a military coup could recur. This has played out in Nigeria’s past. History often repeats itself. The resulting pandemonium of that revelation may be seized by the military and cited as a justification to grab power. That means our hard-earned democracy would be scuttled and Nigerians will again face the possibility of despotism plus relegation to the background. The corruption thriving in a weather of an anti-corruption crusade sends bad cues to military officers, who have lost hundreds of colleagues and friends to the greed of few who underarm them in their fight against insurgency and divert the rest of monies earmarked. So, it would be naive not to assume they are somewhat dissatisfied.

Finally, further penetration of Boko-Haram to other geo-political zones. The battle for office of president after such exposure may buy Boko-Haram insurgents some time to extend their lethal attacks to the South-west, South-east, and South-south. Bustling states like Lagos, Rivers, Enugu may no longer be safe. Since there is no clear-cut president, a grand commander-in-chief of the Federal Republic, to lead strategy meetings of service chiefs, our security defenses risk becoming unstructured and vulnerable.

Thus, the foregoing are probabilities which could turn to realities if the present occupant of Aso Rock is proved beyond reasonable not to be Muhammadu Buhari. The distant relationship of the president and Nigerians fans the insinuations. If the unexpected happens, it is inevitable you and I will feel the heat directly or indirectly.

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