Confluence Of Nigerian Celebrities And Politics

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The Nigerian political atmosphere is currently witnessing the influx of Nigerian celebrities coming out in numbers to contest for political seats.

Showbiz is one of the most attractive industries with a prospect of pulling a person out of obscurity and launching to a status of celebrity. The fame and money (which often comes with it) make becoming an actor, musician, or comedian a fad. Quite recently, there is an increasing consciousness among Nigerian celebrities to capitalize on their popularity for testing the waters of politics.

Instead of continuous petulant reactions on all that is wrong with the country, why not run for public office to right them? Such thought, very likely, is instigating these household names to step out of their comfort zones. But this desire to better the lot of masses must not be confused with the somewhat unseriousness to entertain; line between both worlds should remain unblurred.

News just filtered in that musician cum actor, Olubankole Wellington a.k.a Banky W, has thrown his hat in the ring, hoping to be the next representative of Eti-Osa federal constituency. Before that, actor Desmond Elliot successfully ran for a seat in Lagos State House of Assembly, and musicians 9ice and Tony Tetuila unsuccessfully contested in the 2015 elections.

 Cover9ja Blog | Nigeria's Relationship, Political & Lifestyle Blog

Indeed, being a known face doesn’t divest one of his/herfranchise and is not necessarily an ominous sign of a below par performance inoffice. Ronald Regan, before his elevation to US president in the 1980s, was anA-list actor. His considerably favourable reign is arguably encapsulated by his”tear down this wall” speech which led to collapse of the Berlin wall.So, in the biblical parlance, something good can come out of Israel.

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At this time where things are falling apart in the nation, right-thinking, informed celebrities can be a source of alleviation. Let those with a penchant for keeping big gods, goddesses, distorted mentalities, and needlessly granting the public unrestricted access to virtually every part of their body stay on their lane. Men and women of substance are welcome! This path of responsibility liable to affect posterity has to bestrode with care, so as to avoid mistaking leadership/governance, no matter how slightly, for entertainment.

Myles Munroe was once warned that the reason for being of a thing be properly understood, for where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Hence, any celebrity who intends to offer himself/herself for public service should have a good command of the demands of leadership and practically realize the difference between calling the shots in the world that is and world portrayed to be.

 Cover9ja Blog | Nigeria's Relationship, Political & Lifestyle Blog

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