Social Media Effect: Do You Have A Real Life?

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Social media can make or mar the existence of man in this dispensation.

Every other day, my friends and I gather around to do boys’ stuff—play FIFA, talk about girls, smoke weed, banter football and argue about trivial things. Most times while being indulged by them, I’m holding my phone, poised to reply a conversation on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, but not doing so until about twenty minutes later because I’ve been so carried away by the allure of real life conversations I’m having with my friends, and this is fine.

While social networking apps may be another world of its own where you make connections and build a community of friends, but not at the expense of real time connections. Everyone needs an escape from social network sometimes. Social media distorts your reality and can be toxic with its consistent dramas. No matter how comfortable you are on social media, no matter the quality of friends you have in your circle on social network, you will need real life companionship too.

 Cover9ja Blog | Nigeria's Relationship, Political & Lifestyle Blog

Social network is volatile. A little drama and friends block themselves. When you’re with your real life homies you will always find a way to make up after an altercation. Yeah yeah social media helps a lot, has helped many people including me. Yet, it cannot replace the importance of having a real life circle.

Sometimes, we need to switch off our phones and stay away from social media just a bit. To connect with people around us. To have real conversations about stuff that either matters or not. Sometimes  social networking apps can be depressing too and the only escape you will have is walking away from it. Connecting with your real life friends who will fill the void for you.

Nothing can replace the laughs we share, me and my friends. No amount of social media fun can replace the refreshing humour I enjoy while talking with them. So, folks, do you have real life friends or do you depend solely on social media to make your life colourful?

 Cover9ja Blog | Nigeria's Relationship, Political & Lifestyle Blog

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