Government Shutdown: Democrat’s Continued Resistance To Trump Border Wall Funding

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President Trump $5 billion border wall funding has met continued resistance from the democrats. The bill which included the border wall funding failed to pass owing to the fact that it would need to get the 10 required votes from the democrats in addition to the republican votes to pass.

The tension in the system increased due to the consequences of the government shutdown on the living condition of government workers who overtime would not be able to get their paychecks. However, Trump is not backing out on his earlier stance of a continued shutdown till the border wall funding is passed.

 Cover9ja Blog | Nigeria's Relationship, Political & Lifestyle Blog
Trump’s Border Wall Prototype

House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer met with president Trump at the White House earlier to discuss the alternative bill they believe would receive bipartisan vote. The bill they had included a $1.5 billion border security. President Trump insisted on $5 billion for border wall else there would a shutdown.

Hoevere, Sen. Schumer has reiterated that Trumps continued temper tantrums wouldn’t bend the democrats into voting for his border wall funding. He also made it clear that Trump has overtime threatened to shutdown the government over border wall funding and should incase it happens, its not the wish of the democrats but solely president Trump.

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The democrats are set to take over the house Jan. 3rd when it resumes sitting which is not good either for Trump border wall funding. Now, the questions are, would the democrats compromise and strike a deal with the president? Or would the democrats stick with their initial stance of $1.5 billion border security as earlier stated?

President Trump looks determined to fulfill his campaign promised to boost his second term chance and this means the shutdown would have no definite day of resumption.

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