Nigerian Model Finally Gets Rihanna’s Attention

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American pop sensation Rihanna Fenty, globally known as Rihanna has finally followed Nigerian model and tambour beading expert Adetutu Oj on Instagram.

Just hours after the Nigerian tambour beading expert and model launched a campaign to get Rihanna’s attention, her efforts were rewarded as she earned a follow from her idol. Adetutu Oj, who goes by Adetutu Epaz on Facebook, and has bold tribal marks as her striking features, shared on her Instagram page that while growing up, she got body shamed so much that she lost every last ounce of her self-esteem.
She had earlier launched the campaign with the following tweet:

“I have been doing this campaign to get through @rihanna on all my social media handle… Yeah. I have tribal marks and want to model for her. I need my Nigerian peeps to help get through to her. Please

It’s not easy growing up with Tribal marks…. The bullying was much though it hasn’t stopped yet… I still get insulted whenever I go out. I want to thrive in what was meant to make me feel bad… I want to model for @rihanna. It will be a dream come true.”

 Cover9ja Blog | Nigeria's Relationship, Political & Lifestyle Blog

In a Facebook post yesterday, she revealed that the buddying got so bad that she deliberately failed GCE to avoid going to university, having been bullied all her life, through primary and secondary school. Since then, her dream has always been to model for Rihanna as the music artiste is known for choosing models with unconventional looks.

“Don’t blame me for aiming too high,” she’d said before launching the campaign. “Dreams come true.”

Adetutu Oj, the slender and dark-skinned model who hails from Eruwa in Ondo State has since not only grabbed social media attention; she’s also made Rihanna take notice of her. We cannot say for sure why Rihanna followed her, and for her intentions towards the Nigerian model, our fingers are crossed.

It now seems that it’s only a matter of time before her dreams turn to reality.
Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is famed for its inclusivity ideals and message of self-love. Adetutu Oj seems to represent everything Fenty Beauty line stands for. Who knows, she might just be the next surprise ambassador.

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