Scars To Your Beautiful- A Script For Self-love

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Scars to your beautiful is the name of a hit song by Alessia Cara. In the song, Alessia pinpoints with accuracy the pains of beauty, what (Cover girls) people go through in looking a certain way just to be accepted by the society.

Daily, beauty is being compromised and its definition reduced to vain stuffs and stereotypes. Sadly, people are made to look a certain way to be accepted, people are made to uphold impossible beauty standards which are unattainable. All these, when inevitably unreached leads to depression, low self-esteem, self-hate, and even suicide.

Scars to your beautiful by Alessia is one brazen reminder that beauty is not a one narrative fits it all, it tells the world in an unapologetic way that beauty truly has no shade (light, ebony, melanin, white, chocolate, brown, vitiligo, albino or black skin), beautiful is not a kind of definition (curvy, fat, tall, petite, short, thin, round, dwarf, endowed or less) and neither is beauty perfection.

In this generation, the brunt mostly falls on the feminine gender, women are taught that beauty is pain, so they go through ludicrous procedures to feel beautiful. Women are made to wax their eyebrows and poke themselves in the eyes with a mascara wand, made to go under the needles to enhance their butt, made to stuff in silicone into their bodies just to be termed as endowed, women are made to put on uncomfortable heels that causes pains to the muscles, made to suck up all the pains caused by hair extensions.

Dark girls are made to see their skin as dirt and whitening as beautiful and even the market is flooded daily with damaging lightning creams and beauty products to hide spots, acne, body moles, stretch marks etc. which are all natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

The media also dangerously promotes these beauty stereotypes in adverts, fashion fairs, Beauty blogs and magazines, and these tends to pass subtle messages to people that they should adjust to what is been showcased as Beauty.

Wait a second, do you really love you?

Do you think that it is worth it going through pains, skipping meals, going on steroids, going under knives and needles and buying those expensive beauty products to hide your scars just to be accepted and tagged beautiful?

Do you know that your personality outshines beauty?

Do you know what really matters is what you think about yourself?

Do you know you are still pretty like the other girls with that imperfection of yours?

Your body is what is keeping you alive, and what’s more beautiful than that…Your scars are proofs of what you have been through and that’s to show how strong you are. You don’t have to stuff your face daily with chemicals and beauty corrector, you are absolutely beautiful in your natural state. Your quirks are amazing, those weird things about you are what makes you differently beautiful.

Who gets to decide what is beautiful?

Who gets to set these standards, and what do you really care?

Perfection is exhausting.

Beauty is subjective.

We should all be taught that beauty is more than what appeases the eyes.

You don’t have to change a thing about you.

What really matters is what you think of yourself and nothing else.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

We are all stars and we are beautiful.

–Peace Isaac–

Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful
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  1. Cara told Cosmopolitan that she wanted “Scars To Your Beautiful” to evoke the feelings of self-love anthems like Christina Aguilera’s “ Beautiful ” and TLC’s “ Unpretty .”

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