The virginal Sacrifice- A Tale Of Two Sisters

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Her heart beat in a ‘thump, thump’ sequel. She felt incredibly faint and scared to her marrow. Looking around her environment wasn’t helping her case one whit.

She held tightly to her sister’s arms and her sister held her tightly too. The dreaded day is here. On their 20th birthday, special twins’ virginity are sacrificed to the gods of fertility to boost their towns population, children, mothers, and pregnant women.

Adesewa and her sister Adesuwa had been selected a few days before by the oracle. Since then, various preparations had been undertaken to ensure the success of the sacrificial night.

The twins looked inside the oracle house in fear. Ever since they announced the news, they’ve been pampered extraordinarily.

Their skin had been oiled to perfection and their big round bountiful tits glowed in the soft light cast by the setting sun.

Their bodies are freaking sexy and they don’t know it. Suddenly, a group of 4 men filed out from an inner room and a flurry of maids separated the girls and lay them on a woolly bed.

Adesuwa’s heart almost burst. She wailed internally at the loss of her sister, but she dared not complain in the presence of the gods and elders.

Different soft hands touched her, and she began to soften. Something like oil was drizzled on her woman part and mouth and she felt herself slowly melt. Slowly, the hands withdrew and the next thing she knows, she’s starring at a huge cock.

The cock probed her lips and she tentatively flicked out a tongue to taste it. While engrossed in this act, she felt a tug below.

Another man was slowly rubbing his dick against her cunt. She gave a gasp and the cock in her lips popped straight into her mouth.

The one below slowly thrust his cock into her and he filled her virgin passage until she felt she couldn’t breathe. The position was not even helping matters. He had total control over the movements and thrusts.

She was spread eagled like a fucking bitch and there was nothing she could do but accept the cock plundering through her depths. The dick in her mouth was pressing through her throat and she couldn’t think.

The pain cascaded through her, causing tears to spring to her eyes. He didn’t even seem to notice the sharp intake of her breath. He pushed her down flat, his cock pinning her to the bed as he slowly withdrew his cock, only to plunge it deep inside again.

She tried to cry out, but the cock filling her mouth made it a muffle. After some few thrusts, she started to feel less pain. The man plunging into her cunt suddenly moved in a way reverberated through her body and she shuddered at the spike of pleasure.

His cock seemed to grow inside her, which should’ve been impossible, but suddenly, she felt as if she were filled to her intestines. It was as if he left no place untouched.

She began moaning and totally forgot that there was pain in the beginning. The dicks were doing her crazy. They were fucking deeper and it was making her insides clench with deep pleasure.

She kept on licking the cock in her mouth until he stiffened and started spurting into her mouth. She swallowed his cum and he pulled out of her mouth.

The man below too started jerking and fucking her harder until he let out a growl that shook the walls and she felt something inside her pussy. Something was building deep inside her, something big. She squirmed, afraid, but the sensations of pure pleasure that was cascading over her made her confused.

He withdrew, and she immediately felt empty. She looked at her sister on the other side of her and she saw a slack jawed expression of pleasure on her face as her men thrust into her in tandem.

She gave a sigh of satisfaction. She can’t wait for another round.


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