Trump Border Wall Funding: Humanitarian Crisis or Manufactured Crisis

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President Trump continuous demand for Border Wall funding has met mixed reactions from both the democrats and republicans. Democratic lawmakers refuse to vote or include bother wall funding alongside other bills.

Several meetings between the Democrat House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer ended in deadlock as both sides failed to reach a common ground. Nancy referring to Trump Border Wall as immoral and Chuck reiterating that the presidents temper tantrums would yield no desired result. The president however made it clear that if the democrats refuse to negotiate on the border wall funding, he would have no other option than to declare a National Emergency to build the wall.

The back and forth has seen the government shutdown in its 21st day and still no definite negotiation. Federal workers are worried and expressing their concerns on the effect of the shutdown on their living condition. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is currently witnessing huge workers calling out of work but maintained its still able to keep the security of the airport at optimal.

The president has so far taken his agitation for Border Wall funding to the Southern Border, McAllen, Texas. President Trump met with border patrol agents and they were allowed to express their concerns and need for a border wall or barrier that would help curb illegal entry into the United States. He termed the present situation a humanitarian crisis while the democrats defer and says it’s nothing but a manufactured crisis.

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The visits to the border was in a bid to further validate and strengthen his claim for crisis at the Southern border and the need for the border wall. President Trump is not backing out on his request to include border wall funding alongside the 6 other bills which funds 8 government corporations.

 Cover9ja Blog | Nigeria's Relationship, Political & Lifestyle Blog

Presently, the house has passed 6 bipartisan bills that funds and keep the 800,000 government workers going, but the president has refused to sign those bills. Part of the questions are, why not sign the 6 bills that keeps the government open? Why hold federal government workers and the services they provide hostage? Why not fund those agencies while you keep negotiating for border wall funding?

To further clarify the 6 bills passed that is yet to be signed by the president have nothing to do with the border wall. The border wall is contained in the Homeland Security Bill which has no relationship with the other 6 bills passed and is yet to be signed by the president.

The impact of this shutdown is immeasurable as a lot of damages would be done. Tax refund would be delayed, food stamps would be cut, rental assistance lost, TSA workers already calling out of work and National Park workers fail to resume duty due to no pay from government shutdown. For the president to think the border wall is worth all of that is mind troubling.

In a bid for the president to further push his border wall funding, his messages are centered around declaring a national emergency, calling the situation at the southern border a national crisis. Humanitarian crisis according to President Trump are the invasion of special interest immigrant, human traffickers and drug smugglers. Democrats on the other end do not see the wall as a needed measure to combat illegal immigration. However, they are open to talks on better and 21st century modern sophisticate technology that would help curb illegal entry. Schumer and other democrats termed it a manufactured crisis by President Trump.

There has been debates from various opinions on weather the issue at the southern bother is a national crisis or a manufactured crisis. The democrats see Trumps campaign for wall as a manufactured crisis which is a mere campaign promise and not necessary what would keep Americans safe.

President Trump ran under the platform of building the border wall to protect the American border and reduce the illegal entry of migrants into the U.S. The democrats defer on the border wall as a solution. Democrats are of the opinion that investing in advance technology and drones would better equip the Border Patrol Agents.

Considering the outlined issues and the present situation at hand, what are your thoughts on the government shutdown?

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