U.S. Student Visa/ Admissions/ Scholarships Thread- Ask Your Questions

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A lot of intending international student are not aware of the abundant scholarship opportunities most US Universities offer its students.

Almost all universities in the United States received endowment funds from generous corporations or individuals. Recently, Bloomberg donated a whooping sum $1.8 Billion for student financial aid. These funds are used for either research purposes or to assist underfunded students who require some form of assistance either for tuition fees, research materials or living expenses.

I have asked a lot of international student and found out most of them do not know if they are entitled or qualified for scholarship, how to apply for the scholarship, and how to get resourceful information regarding scholarship. In order to educate all international student, I would take a few paragraphs to explain these scholarships and how you can tap in to the abundant wealth either as a prospective undergraduate or graduate student.

There are over 4,140 colleges and universities in the U.S., so if you’re still asking which school I should apply, then, it shows you’ve not done your homework. But don’t worry, I am ready to “baby” you through the process of finding, selecting and deciding on which school best fit your budget, interest or academic qualification.

Before, I move forward, I would love to let you know that there are tons of mushroom universities in the U.S. as well and they do not sit well with most Visa Officers (Its a huge red flag). I understand their admission process and requirement are not rigorous and they are quick to offer admission in as much as you have the necessary funds for the program. Let’s not forget that it doesn’t end at securing admission, you also want to be confident about visa approval with the said school.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Securing fully funded undergraduate scholarship doesn’t come easy. The requirements to secure such scholarship includes, acing the SAT/ACT standardized exam. However, there are universities and colleges that offer merit tuition scholarship for international students. The award varies from 30%-50% tuition waiver and the students are expected to foot the balance. Merit scholarship do not come with strict requirements, most times it requires a 3.0 GPA (WAEC O’Level result evaluation).

I personally decided not to give out schools that offer these scholarships, but I can’t hold back this one. Have you heard of Berea College? Berea College is located in Berea, Kentucky and offers 100% free college schooling. This includes, tuition, feeding, textbooks and accommodation.

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate scholarship usually come in form of a tuition scholarship, research assistantship, graduate assistantship or graduate teaching assistantship. Assistantship covers over 90% of the tuition and offer monthly stipend where beneficiaries are required either to work 10 or 20 hours per week. These scholarships are usually competitive, so one would have to up his academic qualification to be able to secure one.

Assistantship comes in two forms, full and half. The full assistantship offers almost 90% of tuition waiver and beneficiaries are required to work 20 hours per week to get the stipend while half assistantship covers almost 45% of the tuition and beneficiaries are required to work 10 hours per week in order to get the stipend.

Here, I am willing to give out schools with generous funding, but that would depend largely on your profile (academic qualification).

Standardized Test

GRE/GMAT are for graduate students while SAT/ACT are to be written by undergraduate students. Universities in the U.S. most times request for this standardized test as a requirement for admission. However, I usually advice students to write one of the standardized exams as it opens doors for scholarship.

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U.S. Student Visa

Requirements for U.S. Student Visa- F-1

  1. International Passport
  2. I-20
  3. Sevis Fee
  4. DS160
  5. U.S. Visa Appointment
  6. Bank Statement
  7. 2 White Background Passport Photo
  8. Other supporting documents.

If you have any questions regarding U.S. Student Visa, Admission, Scholarships / Assistantship, feel free to drop a comment.

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  1. I’m interested in schooling in the US. I was denied visa last month. How can I get admission without school fees and get my visa so that when i go i can pay and resume

    1. Sandra, good to have you here. I understand its discouraging getting denied visa even after you’ve done all your home work. Before we can step-in we require in-depth information to allow us access your profile. This would give us better idea of how to help.
      1. Did you apply for undergraduate or masters program?
      2. Which school did you apply to?
      3. Did you write any standardized test (SAT/ ACT, TOEFL, GRE/GMAT)
      4. What is your academic qualification? Please, include your CGPA, course and work experience.
      Once you are apple to provide the above listed information, then we can proceed.

  2. Hello
    Need more enlightenment on how I can study in US for my MSc through fully funded Scholarship as an international student.


    1. Kayode, Good to have you here. Before we can furnish you with this information, I would advice that you read the blog post and also provide us with a brief details of your background and qualification. Also, you have to be specific with the information that you need.

        1. You have to be detailed, giving us this meager information doesn’t help you and I. Which course are you interested in Social Work? Psychology? Whats your CGPA, year of graduation, have you done NYSC etc. Have you applied for US Student Visa before. Are you willing to write standardized test?

          You have to also have it at the back of your mind that some schools usually require application fee while tiny few do not. In order to make your profile stronger we usually advice prospective student to write a standardized test.


  3. Hello,
    I am interested in studying in the USA but I have no fund to process it neither do I have for tuition fee. I don’t how possible it’ll be. Can I get full sponsorship while I work to pay back.
    I am a National Diploma holder in business administration and yes I have an international passport. I await you response.

    1. Nana, good to hear from you. I understand the unavailability of funds but you’ve have to pay at some point. Application fee ranges from $35 to $100 and only tiny bit of schools offer free application. Even after you get admitted you still have to pay SEVIS fee which is about $200. Also, visa fee and all the miscellaneous expenses. So, no its not free. Getting full under tuition scholarship is hard, you would have to write and ace the SAT exam with excellent grades.

  4. I want to apply for an undergraduate scholarship,what are the documents I need and writing an entry exam,am I writing it here in Nigeria or the USA and lastly how is the processing duration? NB: I have never applied for visa before…thanks

    1. Hi Omolara, Good to have you here. Undergraduate scholarships are usually available and most schools have it in their application forms. It would be indicated in the application. We have lots of places in Nigeria where you can write the SAT and TOEL exam. If you are indeed serious about schooling in the US, once you can write this two exams, you are good to go.
      The documents you need is just your O’Level WAEC result and you high school transcript.
      Admissions generally have three seasons Fall , Summer and Spring. For Fall admission, classes usually start August/ September, but admission deadline is usually around February/ March. Summer admission, classes usually start in May/June, but admission deadline are usually January/February. For Spring, classes starts in January/ February, while admission dead line is June/ August


    1. Its not a cumbersome process like a lot of people think or heard. What you need is your O’Level result and High school transcript. Have it at heart that most schools usually require application fee which ranges from $35 to $100.
      To be able to apply for visa, you must have first secured admission and the school would issue you an I-20 letter. The I-20 letter gives you the opportunity to apply for F-1 student visa. In the blog post we made it clear what you need to apply for visa.

  5. How do I apply to Registered nursing school from Kenya?Also do you help with the application process if I have the money? Thanks

    1. There are lots of schools here that offer ADN (Associate in Nursing) programs. There are not pre-requisites required but you would have to start from thr basics. For undergraduate programs like that, there are limited scholarships, but I could suggest some schools that would take are of part of the fees while you tutor for some specific hours.

      You’ll need your high school diploma result/ transcript to be admitted. To stand a better chance at the embassy its usually advisable to take the standardized test even if its IELTS.

  6. My kid brother graduated with a first class in June 2017 and he’s presently doing his NYSC. He studied agricultural science(crop and soil science). He’s looking for a fully funded scholarship for a masters degree. How can he find schools that offers full scholarship?

    1. Awesome. Congrats to him, such a great feat. Yes, there are abundant graduate assistanships opportunities for your brother. We however do advice to write a stbdardized test to increase your chances. I would advice he study for the GRE exam and ace it. If you want study guide and a breakdown about GRE exam kindly indicate. Also, we would advice you tell your brother to talk to us here himself. Thanks

    1. It is not compulsory to write stabdardized exams, however, most good schools do require the test for admission purpose. That aside, we encourage you to write one as it increase your chance during visa interview

  7. my name is Peju. i studied mathematics and statistics in a polytechnic, with cgpa of 2.92 lower credit….i can take test, i can afford visa fees among others. how can you assist.

    1. If you’re interested you have to put in work. First I would advice you evaluate your transcript to equal it to a Bachelors degree. This can be done through WES (www.wes.org) I-cap course by course evaluation. If you can do this, I assure you that youll get full graduate scholarship going for MS Mathematics or Statistics. I would also encourage you go through the GRE exam(www.ets.org/gre). We have to start with this two.

      If you want more information on how to evaluate your transcript I would work you through thr steps.

    1. Good to hear. We try to give genuine information to intending students who wants to school in US. There are tons of agent out there who would get you admitted into these low ranked mushroom schools and you go to the embassy with it and end up being denied.
      We dont want that for you.

  8. Hello pls I’m Interested in applying for a degree precisely in international relation can I apply with my waeac and NABTEB cos I joined to results also what are the financial requirement and wen scholling nd working for 20hours is it possible to later get a resident permit bfr graduating

    1. If you’re interested in getting permanent resident after school its better you consider Canada. There is no guarantee of anything here in US.
      I would advice you get your O’level straight. Combined results are not really good. Most school here are only aware of WAEC or NECO

  9. A lot of people don’t want to put in work and want to enjoy the benefits of schooling in US. Don’t end up eith agents as they would ruin all your chances. They only care about their pockets and not your success.

  10. Thanks for the useful information shared here @cover9ja. I have a degree in Agricultural Economics, graduated in 2009 with a 2:1, been working as a teacher in a secondary school and I really love teaching. Now I really want to advance in my career, want to lecture in a tertiary institution, hence I need a postgraduate degree. Already registered to write TOEFL and GRE next month, been studying to get a high. And I can afford application fees and visa fee(I think my little savings can cover that), but I need a fully funded scholarship. Please what other tip will be helpful in this whole application process? What can I do to increase my chances? Thanks.

    1. Awesome. I love the fact that you decided to take the standardized test. If you need preps on AWA section I would be more than happy to share tips. Do you mind sharing information on your CGPA and also your proposed course for masters?. I would be willing to share schools that would give generous funding and I would guide you through.

      If you have friends, please introduce them to the thread. I would gladly share information for free.

      1. I have a 3.74/5 CGPA and want to still study Agricultural Economics for Msc. Please I need preps on AWA have not really done much, I pay more attention on the verbal and quantitative sections.Thanks a million times.

        1. I understand the need to focus more on the Quant and Verbal section, they can be pretty cumbersome. For the AWA section, try as much as possible to use transition markers and paragraphs in separating your point. Don’t make your essay looks clumsy, be detailed as much as you can. There are sample essays that you can always read on the Kaplan test prep. I have some pdf format GRE test prep. Do you have enough internet access to download the materials.
          I would recommend the following school
          1. Montana State University http://catalog.montana.edu/undergraduate/agriculture/agricultural-business/
          Allow me a little time to make calls to some schools and I would drop more.

        2. Yes, you can go in for straight PhD with your bachelors. You have a strong GPA so when they convert to a 4.0 US scale you should be around 3.4/4.0. In Nigeria I am sure you are aware we use a 5.0 scale and UI uses a 6.0 scale. During admission credentialing, your CGPA would be converted to 4.0 scale. You can convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale by following this link: https://applications.wes.org/igpa-calculator/
          Let me know if you have any questions as regards the GPA conversion.

          In order to be a good contender for the PhD program I would recommend you get strong references from professors. If possible submit more that 3 reference letter. You also have to work on your SOP to reflect the reason why you chose the not just the program but why PhD.

          I would email you the Barron GRE pdf, Barron is good for Quant while Kaplan is good for Verbal and AWA. I might be biased, but so far that has been the recommendation.

  11. Thank you very much

    Some information I got here have been useful.
    Currently I’m a postgraduate student of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). will be rounding up this December.
    My first degree was on Computer Science. I still want to further my course on RS/GIS in Canada or Australia and build a career in it.

    Please what else will I be needing, and which country will be more favorable.
    Thank you.

    1. It all depends on your end goal. If you are looking at settling down in the country, then I would recommend Canada if you can afford the fees, getting funding in Canada is a bit hard but you could get some form of funding if you are able to research well. I don’t know much about both countries. We are only dealing with those interested in studying in the US


  12. Glad to have seen this platform.I finished High school sine 2015 and my main target at the moment is to Study Nursing in the State
    Schoolarship aside,If I pay half of my tuition fee ,I hope I can be schooling and working at the same

    I would love to know how to start with….Studying Nursing in the State has been my dream

  13. Please I need an advice, I have completed my undergraduate studies on Science Laboratory Technology, I and intend to further abroad, among the following scholarship platform GMAT, IELTS, which one is more standardized test?
    And which country is more favorable to study?

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