Walmart Unveils Robotic System For Customers’ Grocery Orders

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Walmart has partnered with Alphabot to create a robotic system for customers’ grocery orders. This technology will be fixed in a 20, 000-square foot extension connected to the store, which will also work as the dedicated grocery pick-up point with drive-thru lanes for customers.

In order to know how long the robotic system can speed up the fulfillment of customers’ online grocery orders, Walmart is currently testing the idea to make sure that it will be effective when its ready.

Alphabot has contributed items from storage to Walmart’s store staff, who then assemble customers’ orders. The retailer believes that this new system will be capable of picking ”vast majority” of grocery items. This also means that Walmart personal shoppers stroll the aisles meet grocery orders, besides handpicking produce and fresh items.

Alphabot is recognized as the pilot of this project since Walmart is making no promises of a wider roll out at this time. Rather, it’s hoping to know more about how the technology can improve this area of its business.

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